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Gamble in Vegas – not on your WLAN solution. – by Patrick Foy, Vice President of Engineering, Bluesocket

Fresh off of my trip to Interop in Las Vegas I was once again amazed to see the slot machines when I arrived at the LAS airport.   From the moment you arrive gambling opportunities abound and most visitors are buzzing with excitement to hit a big jackpot.   Slot machines seem to be a big attraction …

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Chat with David Willis at Gartner

Just came off an interesting discussion with David Willis from the Gartner Group. David is an analyst who covers networking and communications equipment for Gartner. He has written a number of intriguing papers including “Key Issues for Communications Enterprise Strategies, 2011″ which he published in March. We discussed the impact to the enterprise network of …

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MOVE…as in move out of the way

If you like buying hardware, you are going to love Aruba’s new MOVE architecture. Surprisingly, the “V” stands for virtual but there is nothing virtual about this monstrosity. Aruba boldly takes on the challenge of supporting wired users by introducing a wired switch, the S3500. What? Wait a minute. The last time I checked, there …

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Is WLAN now a Product or a Service? – by Thomas F. Guevin

The traditional WLAN model is product-centric – a customer buys access points, controllers and a management appliance, deploys them and runs them until the next generation of WLAN technology emerges (i.e. 802.11n), at which point all the products are fork-lifted and replaced with new products. WLAN is changing, and the majority of Bluesocket’s business has …

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Good to Great

I was sitting in my office looking at a book in my book shelf, Good to Great, by Jim Collins and it reminded me of a discussion I had recently with a long-term healthcare customer and was asking about their network and their plans to upgrade to 11n. This particular customer initially had issues with …

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