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Top 10 Risks you Take with UC

Over the course of this summer-long series of “top 10” lists, I’ve examined many facets of UC, with much of the focus being on the benefits. Setting the right expectations is a big part of this, and my intent is for these lists to provide a set of quick reference points to make sure your …

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Going Offline – another Sign You’re Ready for UC

In case you didn’t have enough reasons already, I’ve got another one here to close out this series.  Over the past few posts, I’ve examined various scenarios – clues, really – that tell you your business is ready for UC. A common theme across this series is the idea that you’re not likely to come …

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The First Sign Your Business is Ready for UC

I began this series by talking about the legacy of legacy telephony. The idea there was that legacy set the bar very high for telephony, and over the years, VoIP has come to be a bona fide replacement. We all know that VoIP will eventually supplant TDM, but that’s a few years away yet. More …

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Five Signs Your Business is Ready for UC

It’s time to switch things up and focus on some business-level issues. For the next few posts I’m going to address five indicators that tell you UC is a good next step. Some businesses will figure this out on their own, even without prodding from vendors or channels. The majority, however, will need outside help, …

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Understanding Risk with Unified Communications

During the last few posts I’ve been talking about the merits of remaining premise-based when deploying Unified Communications. There are several factors to consider in that decision, and depending on your circumstances, a case can be made that way – or just the same to go with a cloud-based option. Of course, the definition of …

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