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Thinking out of the box with Unified Communications

Summer has come and gone, and my “top 10 list” theme has run its course. We’re all back to work now, and I’m going to move on to themes that are more practical, but also provocative in terms of how you should be thinking about Unified Communications. Thinking out of the box isn’t easy for …

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PBX Usage – Another Sign You’re Ready for UC

As this series continues, I’ll be exploring five different indicators that your organization is ready for UC. The need for UC is not that obvious, and won’t be as easy to pinpoint as with VoIP. This comparison is relevant since VoIP is the critical first step along the IP path that the vendors hope will …

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Understanding Risk with Unified Communications

During the last few posts I’ve been talking about the merits of remaining premise-based when deploying Unified Communications. There are several factors to consider in that decision, and depending on your circumstances, a case can be made that way – or just the same to go with a cloud-based option. Of course, the definition of …

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How Will IT’s Role Change in a “Post-PBX” World?

My last post touched on the idea that if the desk phone went away, UC could be anchored to just about anything, or nothing at all. Until VoIP came along, the phone system was always the hub of business communications. That’s a pretty big and comfortable spot, and if it went away, the field really …

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If There’s No Phone, What’s Your Anchor for UC?

This is another “what if” post, but I think it’s timely given all the recent focus on a “post-PBX” world, and what that could mean for UC. There are many ways to approach this terrain, both as a threat and an opportunity. A lot of this really depends on whether you’re a buyer or a …

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