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Is FTTH fast enough for European Operators?

2015 may prove to be a decisive year for European Fibre-to-the-Home (FTTH) investments. Competition within the European telecoms market is intensifying. Consolidation within the cable providers is creating pan-European multi-service giants. Liberty Global leads the charge, with mobile players like Vodafone moving in on the action. With their infrastructures upgraded to DOCSIS 3.0 for many …

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Complimenting challenging FTTH rollouts; G.fast reignites Ultrafast broadband in EMEA

As we hit the halfway point in this decade, it would appear that common sense is once again returning to our beloved broadband industry. There is increasing recognition that our long running romance with pure Fiber-to-the-Home (FTTH) strategies may fail to bear the fruits once promised. There is no question that today’s fixed line operators …

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FTTH Wins in FCC’s Broadband Performance Test

The FCC’s recently released paper called Measuring Broadband America, which reveals results of a study on broadband performance, paints an encouraging picture of how advertised broadband rates stack up against reality. It also reinforces some of what we already knew about broadband, such as the fact that fiber-to-the-home delivers overall superior performance to cable HFC …

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The Medium is the Message

I just spent three days at a TMC open house in San Jose, Calif., meeting with a cavalcade of organizations specializing in everything from soup to nuts, as they say.  Visitors told us about their acceleration solutions, business applications and services, call recording products, PC maintenance software, storage capabilities, security offers, mobile applications, network management …

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Google Picks Kansas City

When Google got reporter keyboards clicking more than a year ago with promises to bring gigabit-speed FTTH a lucky community in the United States, I used this space to blog about how while these plans were worthy of note, it is the broadband service provider community that is best positioned to expand and improve high-speed …

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