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ADTRAN Case Study – Transitioning from Products to Managed Services

Welcome to 2015, and I look forward to helping you keep on the pulse of Unified Communications. In keeping with a new year, it’s time to change things up with a different focus. For the next couple of posts, I’m going to feature a case study about an ADTRAN customer, Valley Business Solutions. I recently …

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Will UC be about Process or Outcomes in 2015?

In my last post, I talked about whether UC is disruptive or being disrupted. Both are going on, but these days it seems more like the latter. UC can certainly be disruptive – in a good way – by integrating many widely-used applications into a common interface. That’s the UC that most of us understand …

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Is Today’s UC Space being Disruptive, Disrupted, or Both?

I’m asking this question for a good reason, and if you’ve been following UC over the past few months, you’ll know why. Having worked closely with the vendor community, I have seen UC evolve on a company-specific basis as well as overall for the broader ecosystem. This space has gone through some distinct phases, and …

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Top 10 Questions to Ask UC Vendors, Part 2

This post is the second aspect of the broader topic regarding what questions you should be asking of UC vendors. In the spirit of the “top 10” theme I’ve been writing about lately, I broke this topic into two focus areas – five questions to ask about the vendor, and five to ask about their …

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Top 10 Things that will Change with Unified Communications

Time to shift gears, and as we ease into summer, our inclination is to think less intensely about things and enjoy the world around us. I count myself in that camp, and to lighten things up a bit, I’m starting a new series now on “top 10 lists” that you can quickly digest and still …

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