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Complimenting challenging FTTH rollouts; G.fast reignites Ultrafast broadband in EMEA

As we hit the halfway point in this decade, it would appear that common sense is once again returning to our beloved broadband industry. There is increasing recognition that our long running romance with pure Fiber-to-the-Home (FTTH) strategies may fail to bear the fruits once promised. There is no question that today’s fixed line operators …

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Absorbing the Network Impact of Video

There are some major global market trends happening right now. The first is broadband and Ethernet access. There has been exponential growth in bandwidth access and IP traffic will only increase up to four times today’s amount over the next five years. VoIP has proven itself and will continue significant growth. The second global market …

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IP on Everything

Everybody agrees that TDM is the past and that IP is the present and the future. Even the big incumbent telcos like AT&T and Verizon, which helped architect the very beginnings of the telephone network, are pushing for the end of the PSTN. Yet for some reason there’s apparently still disagreement, and a far amount …

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2012 – The Year of the Mobile Wallet?

I’ve been writing all day about mobile wallet stuff. And since that seems to be what everybody is talking about these days, I thought I’d keep the discussion going on this front. With smartphones in such wide use these days, and online shopping already a mass market phenomenon (nearly $32 billion was spent online during …

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I Want My iTV

There are a lot of predictions lists going around these days that pontificate about what we will see in 2012. One of my favorite items appearing on some of those rundowns is the expectation that Apple will launch iTV in the year ahead. To this I say: Finally. I have been a big fan of …

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