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Wireless Broadband Addresses Emergency Response in the Big Apple

When emergency strikes, helping people understand what to do is of key importance. To enable that to happen in an orderly fashion, New York City and federal agencies have joined forces with the big four cellular service providers to introduce the Personal Localized Alerting Network. PLAN, a free service that will provide mobile subscribers to …

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Social Cloud in the Broadband

Proponents of government-funded broadband, and really all broadband supporters, often justify the need for such networks by discussing how they can help create jobs and otherwise stimulate the economy. However, they rarely spell out just exactly how or why broadband does all this, which may lead many people to conclude they’re referring primarily to the …

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Big Changes on Tap Related to Broadband Regulation

A lot has been happening in the regulatory world in the past few days. As I mentioned in my most recent blog, the Federal Communications Commission met on Tuesday in an effort to move forward on reforming the Universal Service Fund and intercarrier compensation. The reform is clearly aimed at moving the nation more fully …

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