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Connectivity (and Performance) are Key

As enterprises continue their steady march toward the adoption of cloud services, the industry is working to address the major challenges of the shift. Much has been written regarding security of the cloud. How will data be protected? Does my data need to be encrypted, and if so at what level? What about backup? To …

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The Reality of Next-Gen Mobile

I’m in Barcelona tonight – in town this week attending Mobile World Congress, as you may already have guessed. Not a keynote speech, panel or face-to-face meeting passes here without someone mentioning the rampant growth of mobile data – and the significant contribution video is paying to that network load today and, even more so, …

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What radios are in your tablet?

Are you as intrigued with the new tablets as I am? Where do they fit into our social networking lifestyles and will they further change that way we get our news, educate students, order pizza, and watch sports. In the latest CES show, there were dozens of new tablets introduced – so here they come! …

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