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Super-Vectoring: Great for Central Europe, Less so for North America

This is the third and final installment to my blog series regarding an enhanced DSL technology known as Frequency Division Vectoring (FDV). This technology and other super-vectoring technologies are being looked at by operators to once again allow them to leverage billions of dollars (or euros) of investment in their Fiber-to-the-Cabinet, -Node and -Curb deployments. …

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TelecomTV | Video | Vectoring is big time

TelecomTV | Video | Vectoring is big time. “Vectoring is big time” Broadband World Forum Europe, Eduard Scheiterer, Managing Director of Adtran GmBH, speaks with TelecomTV’s Martyn Warwick about the biggest challenges for Operators and the areas of greatest demand for the physical network, including vectoring, across both big and small systems, and the areas …

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Cloud or Premise for UC – what do Service Providers Want?

This post adds another wrinkle to a topic that everyone is struggling with. Previously, I examined this question from the perspectives of both vendors and businesses. Each has a distinct set of drivers to remain premise-based or go cloud for UC, and now it’s time to consider what this looks like for service providers. Recall …

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Cloud or Premise – Take Your Pick

My recent focus here has been on how CEBP can take Unified Communications to a higher level, but I’m going to put that aside for now and resume commentary in due course. As you likely know, this is not a vendor-focused blog, and I rarely talk about ADTRAN. They’ve been a loyal sponsor, and I …

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The Value of Collective Competence

By now, you should be familiar with the unification theme I’ve been using lately to illustrate another layer of value when deploying Unified Communications. Going beyond the notion of unifying applications – voice, text, video, etc. – there is an interpersonal element of UC that my research shows to be important as well. Communication is …

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